Impact Screening Process

Liquid Token screens all assets, ventures and funds to ensure impact is achieved with high quality offerings


Our positive screening process actively seeks out ventures involved in the following activities:

  • 58b4036d621c33ad3141a314_FS_Renewables

    Renewable energy

    Renewable and efficient energy

  • 58b4036f377097ce22479b2f_FS_Recycling


    Recycling and reuse of waste

  • 58b40377621c33ad3141a315_FS_Resources

    Resource conservation

    Water and resource conservation, and protection of natural environments

  • 58b4037fb2d386f0312d55be_FS_Social Infrastructure

    Social infrastructure

    Green buildings, social infrastructure

  • 58b40386377097ce22479b34_FS_Sustainable Timber

    Sustainable timber production

  • 58b4038db2d386f0312d55c0_FS_Healthcare

    Healthcare & wellbeing

  • 58b43682bfbe9d2702290736_FS_Social Wellbeing - Dark

    Social wellbeing

    Activities that promote dignity and wellbeing, and alleviate poverty

  • 58b4039cb2d386f0312d55c3_FS_Efficient Transport

    Efficient transport

  • 58b403a1b2d386f0312d55c4_FS_Green IT

    Green IT

  • 58b403a7377097ce22479b37_FS_Sustainable Products

    Sustainable products

    Sustainable products, ethical procurement and fair trade

  • 58b403ad377097ce22479b39_FS_Good Governance

    Labour standards & corporate governance

    Strong labour standards and corporate governance

  • 58b403b4377097ce22479b3a_FS_Flexible Work

    Flexible workplaces

    Flexibility in work and lifestyle

  • 58b43672bfbe9d2702290734_FS_Community Finance - Dark

    Community finance

    Community finance, local enterprise or social enterprise

  • 58b437fe0f8183947eade3ce_FS_Ethical Treatment - Dark

    Ethical treatment of people and animals

    Ethical treatment of people and animals

  • 58b403c9377097ce22479b3e_FS_Healthy Foods

    Production of healthy foods

    Production of healthy foods and support for healthy lifestyles

  • 58b40393b2d386f0312d55c1_FS_Education



Our negative screening process excludes ventures engaged in the following activities:

  • 58b40230621c33ad3141a303_FS_Tobacco


  • 58b40228621c33ad3141a301_FS_Gambling


  • 58b4364df6d3ee66023eb395_FS_Armaments - Dark

    Armaments & Militarism

    Armaments and militarism, support for regressive regimes or operations in countries of concern

  • 58b40240377097ce22479b22_FS_Nuclear


    Nuclear and uranium

  • 58b40250377097ce22479b25_FS_Animal Exports

    Live animal export

  • 58b4024ab2d386f0312d55ba_FS_Logging

    Old growth logging

    Old growth forest logging

  • 58b4363ed56f799730f96b7c_FS_Animal Cruelty - Dark

    Animal Cruelty

    Unnecessarily cruel treatment of animals

  • 58b43a26df89aa302569bf88_FS_Slave Labour - Dark

    Slave labour

    Slave labour, poor labour standards or working conditions

  • 58b40261621c33ad3141a306_FS_Corruption


    Corruption or bribery

  • 58b439f022d984ef24bdec8b_FS_Agriculture - Dark

    Intensive agriculture

  • 58b40271377097ce22479b28_FS_Destruction

    Environmental destruction

    Destroying or wasting resources, or destruction of valuable environments

  • 58b40276377097ce22479b29_FS_Pollution


    Polluting and intensive activities that harm the environment

  • 58b4365bbfbe9d2702290732_FS_Social Harm - Dark

    Social harm

    Activities that cause social harm, such as detention centres

  • 58b40285621c33ad3141a30d_FS_Harmful Finance

    Harmful financing

    Financing or support of activities which cause environmental or social harm

  • 58b40393b2d386f0312d55c1_FS_Education

    Poor corporate governance