Skymining AB

Reversing the carbon flow in the biosphere

Skymining is scalable, profitable and holistic solution to one of the biggest problems facing mankind: excess atmospheric CO2. By investing in your own unique Skymine, any company or individual can turn their CO2 emissions into clean energy, food and fibre — and profit in the process.


The world's first asset-backed currency, that also heals the earth

Launching the world's first asset-backed currency, that also heals the earth, since the US left the gold standard in 1971. 


Clean energy blockchain network

Solara will enable and establish a provable green energy ecosystem by utilising the latest in cryptography and Internet of Things technology including our SOLARA HARDWARE MODULES (SHMs).


Regen Network

The first token backed by ecosystem services with ecological state protocols

Environmental impact is generated by enabling incentivisation of ecosystem services providers and markets to make the switch, to better land, water and biodiversity management.